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Let the roadmap do all the hard work for you so that you can focus on finding the solutions to the product problems that really matter.
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Create Better Product

Product Manager

Focus on solving problems and driving value

Intelligently keep all stakeholders up-to-speed and aligned

Grow authority and influence inside and outside your company


Know the real-time status of everything product

Increase visibility of cost-time-benefit tradeoffs

Receive automatic updates of any material changes to timing or strategy


Collaborate on solutions and story definition in real-time

Gain insight to product strategy and its potential changes and reasoning

Execute confidently knowing dependency and delivery realities

Focus on Value

Discover & Understand Problems

We understand that there are many distractions every day of a product managers life that can hold them back from achieving that ideal flow state - the time when they perform their best, finding and grappling with the most important product problems.

Tafifi automates important legwork, eliminates gratuitous tooling artifacts, and even engages with key stakeholders.

It provides people with what they want - whether they know it or not -- maximizing engagement and understanding. All the while, freeing you up and assisting you in zeroing in on those high value solutions.

Collaborate Faster

Develop Solutions

Create together. Collaborate for real.

Too many of the tools out there separate the teams and people more than they bring them together.

At its core, Tafifi is built on a real-time collaborative platform. The easier you make it for people to work together, the faster everyone will be able to move.

Execute with Agility

Iterate Plans

When you are moving fast, you need to be able to readily understand the impact of your different priority decisions.

The Smart Backlog is not your regular backlog experience.

With it you can instantly see how time, cost, dependencies, value and opportunities change as you plan for what comes now, next and later.

Be Brilliant

Direct the Future

Tafifi knits it all together. From experimental takeaways to the features they inspire, simply know when you are on track and when there needs to be a critical course correction.

We leverage the latest in artificial intelligence to provide you with a Living Roadmap that is always learning from your team and the business.

Now you can manage the realities of the present, as well as forecast the potential outcomes of what the future may hold.


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